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African American Couple

About Susan Blum

I'm a therapist who is interested in how your inner world of feelings and thoughts and your outer world of relationships and social roles are affecting each other. I also pay close attention to ways it may seem that painful, confusing, or frustrating feelings and situations keep occurring to you, and how your past experiences may be contributing to current difficulties.

I'm especially sensitive to the stories that people tell about themselves. Over time, and under pressure from painful events and relationships, the narratives people construct for themselves can become limiting and even distorted. So people come to believe that they "are" a certain way, and that therefore it will be impossible for their feelings, behaviors, and relationships to ever change. But people's stories are never really so simple, and the more we explore and expand them in therapy, the more new possibilities emerge for a fuller, freer, and more authentic life.

As a relational therapist, I believe that the best opportunities for my clients to connect with themselves in new ways arise when I  connect with them  with empathy, interest, and active engagement.  I don't provide "the answers" for my clients; instead, answers emerge through the work that we do together.

In addition to my training as a relational psychotherapist, I also have training in helping people in recovery from addictions (as well as those who love them) and in working with people coping with the impact of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

Listed below are some details about my education and training:


Professional License
NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Professional Education
New York University School of Social Work

Additional Training
Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Studies
Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis
Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis Trauma Treatment Center
New York University Post Master's Program in the Addictions
Alcoholism Council of New York
Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society


Professional Activities and Memberships
International Association for Relational Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work
New York State Society for Clinical Social Workers